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Search Engine Optimisation Bradford


Once we have identified the relevant search terms for your business we will optimise your website.


Optimising your website will improve your search engine ranking which will in turn increase the number of hits your website receives.


We don't just optimise for Google - our experienced technical team will optimise your website for all of the major search engines, which include but are not limited to: Google, MSN, AOL, Bing, Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, Ask and many more.


Although Google is the most popular search engine (used by 80% of people), that still means that if your search term is search 10,000 times per month, you are missing out on 2,000 internet searches every month by not optimising for the other search engines.


Call us today for some free firendly advice -


what do you have to lose?






If a customer wasn't aware of your business, what would they type into a search engine to find you?


We'll show you exactly what your potential customers are searching for and bring them to your website!


- Put your website to work


- Only £30.00 per month!


- Cheap advertising


- Search specific


- Monthly payments


- Improve your ranking


- Free advice available


- Free website (if required)*



* A weekly £5.00 rental fee may apply

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Once we have completed the set-up process for your website, the work we do doesn't

stop there.


We will continue to monitor your website's performance every month and make change as and when required.


We use Six Sigma strategies to Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and control (DMAIC) your website's ranking.  


This ensures a methodical approach to our work and the ability to identify any weakness quickly in order that improvements can be implemented in a timely fashion.


In particular we are looking for systemic and non-systemic variation which will show us exactly which changes we have introduced to the website have have a positive or negative impact on your website's performance.


You've invested in a website, so why not ensure that it's performing at its best, all of the time?





"We are more than pleased that you said you would get us to page 1 on Google for certain keywords, and that is exactly what has happened. We look forward to doing more work on these and other websites together, and would be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone we know."


Mark Gallon & Mark De’Vrie

Digitall (Wibsey, Bradford)


Call us on 01274 451888 or 07792 937149


Whether you're a current client with an enquiry or just want some advice, we’re here to help.  Call us whenever you need advice without fear of being billed every time you speak to us.

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